Enhance Your Site with Post Formats

A very comprehensive article explaining the different formats available for WordPress. Enjoy and get ideas for your projects.

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A simple way to add visual variety to your site’s front page is to publish your content using Post Formats. Over 50 of our themes support Post Formats, which means they can display various types of content — including images, videos, quotes, links, audio, and short snippets called “asides” — with different formatting, adding subtle but nice touches to your site.

The types of Post Formats you can choose from depends on your theme. To see what Post Formats your current theme supports, go to Posts » Add New in the dashboard and look for a Format module on the right, with various options like the one below:

Format Module

Using Post Formats is optional — if your theme supports them, you don’t have to use them, since the default (standard) format works well with any content you publish. Using Post Formats is also free: you don’t need to purchase the custom…

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Designer’s Gate Soon In Your Desktop

Designer’s Gate will soon be shown on your desktop. We are preparing an Windows 8 Store App that will allow enjoy all our post from on or offline.

There’s a lot of new content to be entered for developing your own WordPress Website, jQuery, JavaScript ideas and more PHP / MySQL codes and tutorials. So stay tuned for more of DG.

Also I hope you all enjoy our new designersgate.wordpress.com site.

Happy Coding!